A collaborative effort to end homelessness

We are dedicated to ending homelessness by providing a rental system that benefits everyone.

LeaseUp is a PATH initiative that partners with property owners and managers to fill vacancies and help people at risk of homelessness stay housed. By providing an easy-to-use online listings portal, consistent support, and financial incentives, we ensure a smooth, streamlined process for property owners and managers, service providers, and people seeking housing.

LeaseUp has been backed by funding from the Los Angeles Housing Authority since February 2018. Today, we work with over 600 property owners and managers across Southern California. Our goal is to engage an ever-growing number of partners to provide a fair, fast, stress-free housing solution.

How We're Different

Financial Incentives & Risk Mitigation

  • Holding fees to minimize loss while finding renters
  • Protection against damage of up to $10,000 with a government-backed safety net
  • Vacancy loss funds if a match doesn’t work out or a tenant moves

Dedicated Support

  • Housing specialists who help match the right tenant for each unit
  • Immediate mediation if issues arise with tenants
  • 24/7 support for property managers and property owners
  • Case managers who regularly check in on-site with tenants
  • Free unit listings reaching over 2,700 case managers across LA County

Our Team

North Team

Support in the Antelope and San Fernando Valley

Liliana Estrada
Housing Manager
Emily Ball
Housing Specialist
Patricia Barnes
Housing Specialist
Saraya Ashley
Housing Specialist
Lazara Chappotin
Housing Specialist

Central/East Team

Support in Metro Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley

Sarah Medina
Housing Manager
Daniel Magallanes
Housing Specialist
Flor Benavides
Housing Specialist
Jesus Diaz
Housing Specialist
Ruth Landaverde
Housing Specialist
Thomas Harper
Housing Specialist

Southwest Team

Support in West LA, SouthBay, and Gateway Cities

Tye Monette
Housing Manager
Kim Taylor
Housing Specialist
Stephanie Metoyer
Housing Specialist
Vanessa Perez
Housing Specialist
Rogelio Arellano
Housing Specialist

Support Team

Jennifer Lee
Director of Housing Partnerships
Marissa Bowman
Associate Director of Housing Partnerships
Agustin Coronado
Housing Coordinator
Sarah Lee
Program Associate

Let's work together to make renting easier for everyone.