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LeaseUp matches rent-ready tenants with property developers, owners, and managers to make renting easier and more reliable.

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Fast, reliable rent

No listing fees or endless showings. We find rent-ready tenants in 30 days or fewer to get your unit, multiple units, or building leased out quickly.


Reliable, rent-ready tenants

We believe supported tenants are reliable tenants. That’s why we work directly with experienced case managers who offer ongoing support for every renter, including monthly on-site check-ins.


Dependable operational and tenancy support

From day one, our dedicated housing specialists and customer service agents are 100% available to provide support—from finding the right tenant to match your needs to navigating any issues that arise.


Government-backed protection

We’ve got you covered. Each unit rented through LeaseUp is protected by maintenance support and vacancy loss funds to cover unplanned expenses that you encounter.

The basics

A look behind the scenes with LeaseUp.

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Rental Agencies

Rent-ready tenants

Financial incentives for property developers, owners, and managers

Full building occupancy in 30 days or fewer

Mediators certified by the LA County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs

Vacancy loss guarantees

24-hour customer support hotline